What are the loans for reported Crif?

In case of delay or non-payment of the installments of a loan, it is reported in Crif (Central Financial Intermediation Risks) , a private company that collects all information regarding the debt situation of citizens who apply for a loan. Who is reported in Crif is a bad payer and will have difficulty getting a new loan. But are there any loans for reported Crif? To date, the only solution is the transfer of the fifth , a type of financing that can also be requested by bad payers. But when are you reported to Crif? Let’s explain, first of all, what are the circumstances that lead a person to be reported to the Central Financial Intermediation Risk Center.


Loans for reported Crif: when is it reported to the Central Credit Register?

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Is failure to pay an installment sufficient to be reported to Crif? Fortunately no! It is reported to the Crif only if the non-payment relates to at least two consecutive installments and it is the credit institution that sends the report to the Central Credit Register. In any case, 15 days before the report, the lender tries to give the customer one last chance to regularize the payment. Instead, from the third delay onwards, you are reported in Crif even without being notified. However, to find out if you have been reported you can fill out a form to print and send signed to Crif itself. If you want to know more, you can read the following article.

In any case, even in the unpleasant situation of being reported as a bad payer, there are concrete possibilities of obtaining a loan. Let’s see how.


Loans for reported Crif: the assignment of the fifth

Loans for reported Crif: the assignment of the fifth

When you are reported in Crif you become bad payers finding yourself in a situation where it becomes difficult to ask for a loan, because they are considered unreliable. The only solution to obtain a loan is the assignment of one fifth of the salary or pension because in this case the employer, for employees, and the pension fund for pensioners, guarantee the regular repayment of the loan. In fact, the loans for the reported Crif with the assignment of the fifth can be requested only by employees with permanent contracts or by pensioners .

The loan is disbursed without the need for specific reasons and a fixed portion of the installment

The loan is disbursed without the need for specific reasons and a fixed portion of the installment

Is envisaged which cannot exceed one fifth of the net salary or pension. Loan repayment conditions can vary from 36 to 120 monthly installments and it is possible to obtain high amounts, up to 75 thousand dollars. For those who request the transfer of the fifth, there is also insurance coverage against the risk of loss of employment and life risk, the cost of which is borne by the lender.

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