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Many credit customers leave the traditional way of going to the bank to apply for a loan. This applies in particular to young applicants. These are very affinity with the internet. The banks recognized this and made it possible to apply for credit online. Using a credit calculator, the borrower can enter the desired loan amount and the desired term. The loan calculator determines the effective loan interest as well as the rate. The advantage of these loan calculators is that you can vary the term until the desired loan rate appears.

Once this process is complete, the personal data and the creditworthiness data are recorded online. The bank is also authorized to obtain credit information.

If the analysis is positive, immediate approval is given within a short time. Has this commitment resulted in an effective loan agreement?

Don’t wait, Request a paycheck loan online now

Paycheck loans online from @OakPark are increasing steadily. The immediate commitment is de facto very important. If the information provided by the applicant is correct in terms of content, immediate acceptance is also legally confirmed. In the competition for customers, these commitments are very important for credit providers. The technical development regarding the credit check will be refined in the future. This should make the analysis more meaningful before immediate approval.

These quick commitments are particularly important in the lending business when buying a car. The dealerships check the information against the submitted documents. The promise usually leads to an immediate purchase contract with the car prospect. The default rate due to loan cancellations is so low that car dealers accept this.

The legal situation of the immediate approval

Many of the applicants for such online loans assume that the loan has actually been approved and will be paid out. However, this is not the case!

This immediate commitment must be understood in such a way that the bank signals to the applicant that it may be ready to grant the loan after an initial check. Legally, the online registration means submitting a declaration of intent by the loan applicant. In order for a credit contract to be legally valid, it must be accepted by the bank. However, it will only issue this once it has the required documents and has checked them. The data collected by the applicant could differ from the actual data. Banks often have bank statements of the last 5 to 6 weeks presented to them. If they show several return debits, for example, this is rated negatively and can lead to the rejection of the loan application. In the case of an intensive credit assessment, further negative information can lead to rejection.

If the submitted documents match the entered data and there are no other negative characteristics, the bank will grant a loan. This notification is made either in writing or by email to the applicant. Only now has a credit contract been concluded. The loan amount will now be paid out.

How to spread the payday loan in installments?

Hello, I need a request to divide the payday loan into installments. I have a few days to pay off (30 days) and amounts vary from USD 1,000 to USD 4,000. It came to the point that I pay off one liability with the newly contracted one and I fell into a debt loop.

I don’t know how to deal with all these debts. Please, advise me what solutions I have? how to get out of debt and avoid debt recovery and a bailiff? is the extension of payday loan a good idea? What will the fees be then? is it worth to decide?

I have no money, and lenders are starting to harass you. Help me pay back payday loans …

Today you will learn how to spread the payday loan in installments (a checked application template can be found at the end of the article) when difficulties arise when paying the payday loan or extending it for another period (refinancing).

Most often, as you know, the problem with paying back payday loans arises when we simply have too many of them and our monthly home budget cannot cope with such large expenses.

In addition, even despite the awareness that the payday loan is an expensive loan, we decide on it because the money is available almost immediately and we often do not care whether in a month (because payday loans are usually provided), we will have funds for her repayment.


Dividing the payday loan into installments

payday loan into installments

Before I get to the heart of the matter on how to break down payday installments, I will try to make you realize that payday loans should really be a last resort … first of all it is an extremely expensive loan, especially when there are delays in paying it off.

And how do loan companies tempt us with offers? most often they are:

  • loan without certificates,
  • money even in 15 minutes,
  • all you need is your ID card,
  • first payday for free.

As you can see, everything is nice and beautiful, but until payday loan arrives. For example, taking a payday payout of USD 1,000, sooner or later there will be a moment when we will have to pay back that amount once (plus considerable interest)! you already know that it is very difficult to deduct such a round sum from the payment and selflessly transfer it to the account of the loan company.


The home budget can suffer

home loan

Of course, you can not give away the whole amount and extend the payday payback (refinancing payday loans), but know that there is a damn expensive deal, especially when the payday loan amount is a bit larger … Sometimes payday extensions cost up to USD 1,000 / month. So, by extending the payday loan by a few months, we could pay it back completely if it wasn’t for the costs of extending it!

So instead of deciding to refinance, try to spread the payday loan in installments by submitting an application to the loan company.


How to spread the payday loan in installments to avoid additional fees?

How to spread the payday loan in installments to avoid additional fees?

If you are in a goalless situation and you have a problem paying back payday pay, don’t hesitate to send it to the company that gave you payday pay – a letter asking you to spread it in installments! Such a move may protect you against the impending debt loop …


What is the debt loop?

debt loan

This is the moment when you lack the cash to pay your current liabilities. Then you reach for another payday loan to get funds to pay the installment for the previous loan. By following these steps several times, you fall into the debt loop, because interest and fees accompanying subsequent loans, accumulate by imitating the so-called “Snowball effect”.


How to write a request to divide the payday loan into installments?

How to write a request to divide the payday loan into installments?

It is quite easy to write. It is best if the request to divide the payday payment into installments should contain a clear request in itself, as well as true and factual justification, as well as necessary data. It is best that you even join the request for payment in installments, some document confirming the reason for the difficulty by which the payment of the payday loan was impossible. Authentication in the eyes of the lender is a big plus.

Employer Loans – Bank Financial Encyclopedia

Among the many different forms, the employer loan has played a special role for some time. The contract for the loan is not concluded between a bank and a consumer, but in the course of a fixed relationship between the employee and the boss. Paying wages acts as a certain security when the employer goes into advance payment and enables the employer to take out a loan.

Company loans

Company loans

The employer loan, also known as employee loan, is a loan agreement between two parties that are linked by an employment relationship. The employee benefits above all from comparably low interest rates and the fact that the creditworthiness check is not available. Instead, workers’ wage claims are taken as collateral. This secures the loan amount and, in case of doubt, the installments for paying the loan can even be paid directly from wages. The employer can assert his claims by withholding his wages, whereby various regulations must be observed. The loan is easier for the employee because there is no bureaucracy with the bank. Otherwise, the employer loan is not only a popular means for banks nowadays: SMEs also allow their employees corresponding offers that are secured by wages.

Special features of an employer loan

Special features of an employer loan

Of course, the sums for employer loans must be claimed both in operating costs and in taxes. Since 2008, there have been changes in regulations that deal in particular with interest and tax-free allowances. The monetary advantage must also be taken into account. The following points are particularly important for employer loans:

  • The average interest rate published by the bank applies to the interest used in the calculation.
  • If the amount exceeds the exemption limit of 44 USD per month, the borrower must declare a non-cash benefit in the tax on the employer loan.
  • Income from interest at the employer must be reported as corresponding profits in the balance sheet.

Increasing the credit score

People sometimes want to get credit because they need it, and sometimes to get good. Since home and car prices are very high and people cannot afford it, many people prefer to buy goods by credit.

That being the case, unconscious borrowings increase and people sometimes become unable to pay the loan. This causes the credit rating to be badly affected and that the banks do not lend money when necessary.

Factors Affecting Credit Rating Negatively


If you want to take credit, your credit rating must be sufficient for this. The credit rating is determined by the bank according to whether you regularly pay all your credit and credit card debts, invoices, taxes or errors to the banks.

If you have not paid a large portion of your credit card debt for a while or not at all, this will be reflected in your credit note as a sour. All transactions you make with banks are effective in changing your credit rating. What you need to do to upgrade your credit rating will improve over time, especially when you make your payments regularly and accurately.

It is not possible to predict when the credit score will improve. Because banks update your credit ratings in certain periods by looking at whether you have paid our debts and how many transactions you have made with the bank.

How to Determine the Credit Rating?

How to Determine the Credit Rating?

Poor credit rating is valid for all banks and in this case, you cannot borrow and borrow money from any bank. Many people are looking for the answer to the question of how the credit rating goes up. Banks measure whether they are loyal to their debt thanks to their credit rating.

Therefore, if your credit rating is low and there is a lawsuit filed on your behalf, it affects your record in banks negatively. Banks are more cautious about them because a person with a bad credit rating has not been able to pay their debts regularly and fully for a certain period of time.

When you do not pay your credit or credit card debt for a long time, you can take your place in the blacklist of the banks and when you request a loan, you can get a rejection response by the banks. For this reason, you should try to make your payments regularly.

How to Upgrade GFI Housing?


If you want to correct your bad record in the eyes of the banks and raise your credit rating as soon as possible, you should pay attention to do more work with the banks, pay attention to make your payments without delay, and pay the minimum amount of your credit card debt at least, if you cannot pay all of the period debt.

Banks examine their taxpayers’ past record on banks and decide whether they will give credit according to this record. If your record on banks is not very good, you should know how to raise the GFI grade and act accordingly.

If a bank says your credit rating is low and your credit request is rejected, you should remember that this will also be the case for other banks. As well as credit and credit card debts, your regular bills affect your credit rating.

In order to increase your low credit rating, if there is a loan you have received from any bank before, you should pay attention to finish it at the time when it is not finished. In order to facilitate this, you should review the loan rates and monthly payment plans, and enter the loan debt that is suitable for your income and you can pay.

In addition, you can upgrade your credit rating in a shorter period of time by trading with more banks. Especially for this, you can buy a low limit credit card and make regular payments. If you have taken a loan from any bank before and could not finish the debt of this loan in time, it will be reflected in your bank records as a sour.

What is done to Upgrade Credit Rating?


This bad record, reflected in your credit note and index report, can only be recovered after 5 years. During this period, you need to be careful to stick to your debt and get under debt as much as you can afford. In this way, your credit rating will improve over time and you will be able to get credit from banks again.

When you take out a loan, you can make a loan application by considering whether you can meet the monthly payment amount and choosing the maturity option accordingly.

By ordering payment to all your invoices through banks, you can further speed up the rise of your credit rating. You can shorten this process even more by taking care to be as close as possible with the banks.

Credit without problems

A loan is often the quickest way to make a dream come true, or to invest in something quickly if you don’t have the money. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get a loan. Banks often prepare problems by imposing various conditions that are not always easy for credit users to meet. So that a loan can still be granted to private individuals without any problems, you should check all the requirements of the bank before you apply for funding.

Meet all the requirements for a quick loan

Meet all the requirements for a quick loan

Of course, it is of the utmost importance that you are of legal age when you want to apply for a loan. After that, you should check your credit rating before the bank starts this process. The creditworthiness describes the possibility of a private individual to be able to repay the loan amount in installments in good time. For a loan without problems, the creditworthiness is of the utmost importance. You should also make sure that you have completed the credit forms accordingly.

No data may be missing, otherwise an error could occur during processing, which could lead to a rejection. A few methods can be used to check your creditworthiness. However, the safest is to request the data from credit checker. This way you can almost always know whether the bank will accept or reject your application. You should pay particular attention to outdated or incorrect data. These should be deleted as they can negatively affect your credit approval.

A loan without problems does not only require fully completed documents.

A loan without problems does not only require fully completed documents.

You also have to vote in number. When checking your creditworthiness, the bank will request a larger number of your documents. The exact number and type of documents vary from bank to bank, but customers are informed in good time so that they can prepare everything. Mostly this is a copy of the employment contract, the pay slips for the past few months, and bank statements in different time periods. This will estimate your expenses and average income. This is the only way to determine the optimal rate for you.

A loan without problems does not necessarily mean a lot of effort. You just have to be sure that all documents are complete and that your credit rating is correct. Then nothing stands in the way of the loan.

What are the loans for reported Crif?

In case of delay or non-payment of the installments of a loan, it is reported in Crif (Central Financial Intermediation Risks) , a private company that collects all information regarding the debt situation of citizens who apply for a loan. Who is reported in Crif is a bad payer and will have difficulty getting a new loan. But are there any loans for reported Crif? To date, the only solution is the transfer of the fifth , a type of financing that can also be requested by bad payers. But when are you reported to Crif? Let’s explain, first of all, what are the circumstances that lead a person to be reported to the Central Financial Intermediation Risk Center.


Loans for reported Crif: when is it reported to the Central Credit Register?

money cash

Is failure to pay an installment sufficient to be reported to Crif? Fortunately no! It is reported to the Crif only if the non-payment relates to at least two consecutive installments and it is the credit institution that sends the report to the Central Credit Register. In any case, 15 days before the report, the lender tries to give the customer one last chance to regularize the payment. Instead, from the third delay onwards, you are reported in Crif even without being notified. However, to find out if you have been reported you can fill out a form to print and send signed to Crif itself. If you want to know more, you can read the following article.

In any case, even in the unpleasant situation of being reported as a bad payer, there are concrete possibilities of obtaining a loan. Let’s see how.


Loans for reported Crif: the assignment of the fifth

Loans for reported Crif: the assignment of the fifth

When you are reported in Crif you become bad payers finding yourself in a situation where it becomes difficult to ask for a loan, because they are considered unreliable. The only solution to obtain a loan is the assignment of one fifth of the salary or pension because in this case the employer, for employees, and the pension fund for pensioners, guarantee the regular repayment of the loan. In fact, the loans for the reported Crif with the assignment of the fifth can be requested only by employees with permanent contracts or by pensioners .

The loan is disbursed without the need for specific reasons and a fixed portion of the installment

The loan is disbursed without the need for specific reasons and a fixed portion of the installment

Is envisaged which cannot exceed one fifth of the net salary or pension. Loan repayment conditions can vary from 36 to 120 monthly installments and it is possible to obtain high amounts, up to 75 thousand dollars. For those who request the transfer of the fifth, there is also insurance coverage against the risk of loss of employment and life risk, the cost of which is borne by the lender.

Take out a cash credit today

How can a cash loan be explained? To put it bluntly, a cash loan means nothing other than that the customer immediately holds the money in his hands after a loan approval. Online banks even promise courier delivery for particularly urgent customers. How realistic is a cash loan in our time in which a lot of things are done without cash and is it still possible to pay out a cash loan today?

Everything you need to know about a cash loan

Everything you need to know about a cash loan

If you want to have a cash loan paid out today, you have bad cards when applying for the loan online. The Internet makes an immediate commitment, but the loan amount is usually not available on the same day. This is simply because all the necessary documents have to be submitted to the bank first. Even if the proof of professional activity is scanned and sent by email, payment on the same day may not be possible. To assume that would be unrealistic.

But there are other ways to get a cash advance today. However, this only works if there is a overdraft facility in the checking account. In such cases, the money is immediately available because it can be withdrawn quickly at the ATM or at the bank counter. That is the real cash credit today.

Cash credit from abroad

There are no other forms of a cash loan, despite advertising to the contrary. The so typical advertised loans without Credit Bureau are never in the account on the same day. On the contrary, it can take up to seven days before the loan amount is paid out. The problem with Credit Bureau-free loans is that they originally come from abroad. Although there is no credit check, the fixed income serves as security. The bank will first check this against the submitted documents.

A cash payment is possible. In this case, the postman delivers the loan amount as a so-called postal order, which is no longer available in Germany, but can still be ordered by foreign banks. This is often done when the borrower does not want the bank or life partner to learn about this loan.

If the advisor to the house bank has time

If the advisor to the house bank has timeIf the advisor to the house bank has time

If you are looking for an installment loan from your house bank, you may be lucky and can speak directly to the bank advisor without an appointment. This is rare, but it is not unlikely. If the creditworthiness is sufficient for a loan, the credit contract is drawn up immediately and after signature, the money is made available in the account. The customer can then dispose of it immediately.